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The Archive Lady: The Cost of Preservation Materials Rachel in California emailed a question after reading the September 29, 2016 column How to Preserve Civil War Letters from The Archive Lady. She asks “I was wondering if you could assist me with some additional guidance. It seems the cost of preservation materials can add up quite…

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William James Harrison

Enlistment Papers

Enlistment Papers

“Court martial sentenced to 28 days in camp”, were some the first words I saw written in the military documents of James Harrison. I wondered what could he have done? Why was he court martialled? So, I flicked through the other pages of the military documents looking for any clues to this mystery. But found nothing.

William James Harrison was 27 when hepage-4 enlisted for the Australian army. At the time, he had two young children (James and John) and a baby on the way (Edna May). William and his wife Caroline (Rhodes) Harrison lived in James St Paddington. As you can see from the enlistment papers. One of the interesting things for me is the detailed description of his appearance in these papers. As there’s no photos attached in the files.

Surnames I’m Researching

The following surnames and people I’ve started researching. Do you recognise any of these, if so drop me a line.

Harrison, William James, James, John, Leslie Robert, Edna (Luke), Valma Joyce, Violet Hazel (Rae), Evelyn

Rhodes, Caroline, John


Taylor Thomas Michael, Mary Agnes (Greene?)

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Todays military post is the enlistment record of William James Harrison. This enlistment document shows personal details of William James Harrison. He joined the Australian army on the 19th February 1915 and is 27 years of age. It also shows his wife’s name Caroline Harrison and they lived in James St Paddington. He worked as a labourer and we get his signature at the end of the document.3f632552-5c99-4d1a-bd2b-33f31dee2299 


Genealogy Journey

How did you start in family history? Well, for me it started one day when I was looking for something in my Dad’s desk and I came across an old piece of paper. I unfolded the paper and it had the name of a man called, James Harrison. I noticed in the corner the Australian Army symbol and more information about the first World War.

I thought who was this man? What did he look like? All these questions started to fill my mind. Talking with my dad, he shed some light. The man was my great grandfather and he was a solider in the first World War.

This was the beginning my family history journey. Share your comments below. How did your family history journey start?