Thrifty Thursday

Do you have some free time this Easter? Legacy are opening 500 family history webinars for anyone to access this weekend only. For more information check out the link below:

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Mystery Monday

EPSON scanner image

I’ve been looking through some photos that my dad’s cousin gave me and I found this one. My Great Grandmother, Caroline Harrison. (on the left side holding a baby). Which has been confirmed by family members. The mystery is the women on the right side and the baby.

No one I’ve asked in the family knows who the baby is. However, I’ve been told by a family member an intriguing story about the lady on the left.  They used to call this lady, aunty Jane, not sure if she’s their real aunt or it was just a title they called her growing up. Her story is that she was a fortune teller (read tea leaves) and she got married 3 times to rich men. I’d love to find out more about this women, so if anyone is researching or knows of someone researching the Harrison family in Queensland leave a comment.