William James Harrison’s Funeral Notice

This is the funeral notice of my Great Grandfather William James Harrison which took me years to find. I remember (probably 15 years ago now) starting to look for more information about his life and I started with his funeral. (as genealogist always suggest to do). This was my first bit of research outside of finding his army records. I tried the newspapers in Brisbane but no luck and I put the idea of finding it on hold for a while. I concentrated on what I could learn from his army records. Then when I heard about Trove I tried again, with help of other researchers at a family history centre but still no luck. Feeling very disgruntled, I thought maybe there isn’t one. Perhaps their family couldn’t afford a notice. Then, after seeing that an old newspaper from Brisbane called “The Telegraph”  that was recently added, I gave it another try. The results came up and there it was first on the search list. I had waited years to find this and  even though it was a sad event for him to pass away at such a young age, I was delighted that his war service and battalion were acknowledged

William James Harrison Funeral Notice












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