Find a WW1 ancestor


Enlistment Papers

An old piece of paper was found telling the basic history of William James Harrison as a solider in the First World War. This is a post about my 12 year old self and the journey I went on to find the military story of my Great Grandfather who I knew nothing about.

When I first started trying to find out about my Great Grandfather I had no experience in researching or really knew what family history was all about. I just felt that I wanted to find out more about this person.  At first I started writing to the address on a document my grandfather received about his dad and got this reply, “Sorry we don’t have those documents anymore, try writing to the Australian archives, stated the response. Feeling a bit disgruntled I got pen and paper to write another letter.(We didn’t have a family computer then) to the archives. I learnt pretty quickly that it can take time to get the information you’re looking for. Waiting for what seemed like forever, I received a large envelope in the mail. Upon opening it were the documents about what my Great Grandfather, William James Harrison did. Here are a few of the pages from his army records.


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