William James Harrison’s Funeral Notice

This is the funeral notice of my Great Grandfather William James Harrison which took me years to find. I remember (probably 15 years ago now) starting to look for more information about his life and I started with his funeral. (as genealogist always suggest to do). This was my first bit of research outside of finding his army records. I tried the newspapers in Brisbane but no luck and I put the idea of finding it on hold for a while. I concentrated on what I could learn from his army records. Then when I heard about Trove I tried again, with help of other researchers at a family history centre but still no luck. Feeling very disgruntled, I thought maybe there isn’t one. Perhaps their family couldn’t afford a notice. Then, after seeing that an old newspaper from Brisbane called “The Telegraph”  that was recently added, I gave it another try. The results came up and there it was first on the search list. I had waited years to find this and  even though it was a sad event for him to pass away at such a young age, I was delighted that his war service and battalion were acknowledged

William James Harrison Funeral Notice












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Genealogical Notes 27th-30th June

Its been a very busy couple of weeks with family related events as well as work. But now I have a bit more time, I thought I’d get back into blogging again. I’ve discovered a wonderful family album.  Which has given me more wonderful information on the Harrison side and  answered a few questions I had. But as always added more interesting stories about some relatives. So, I hope to share some of these discoveries with you in the near future.

Along with looking at this photo album that has been found, I’ll be going my own genealogy clean up. Which involves scanning any documents I don’t have digital copies of and putting them into a cloud software. Then I’ll have multiple copies in other places, too. I find that dropbox seems pretty good but also open to any suggestions about other great cloud software.

WW1 Useful Resources

Much of my family history research has so far been around military ancestry and records. Here’s a few resources I’ve used that were useful when researching WW1 soldiers in Australia.

1. To find a WW1 soldiers records search the Australian Archives.  Many of their World War One records have been digitalised and can be viewed online for free.   http://naa.gov.au

2. You can’t go past the Australian War Memorial for further information on our involvement in war and conflicts. Copies of battalion diaries can also be found here.     http://www.awm.gov.au

3. Recommended books include:                                                                                                                                                 Digging for Diggers A guide to researching an Australian soldier of the Great War, 1914-1918 by Graeme Hoskins. It’s a valuable source. – Battalion history books can give you an insight to the role of a particular battalion.

4. Discovering Anzacs is free to join and anyone can add information about a soldier to build a story. https://www.discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au/

5. Trove newspapers: http://trove.nla.gov.au                                                                                                                                         I found it useful for articles about ships returning to Australia, soldiers photographs and other miscellaneous information.  I hope someone finds one of these resources useful for their research. If anyone has further questions about these websites feel free to ask in the comments section.




Mystery Monday

EPSON scanner image

I’ve been looking through some photos that my dad’s cousin gave me and I found this one. My Great Grandmother, Caroline Harrison. (on the left side holding a baby). Which has been confirmed by family members. The mystery is the women on the right side and the baby.

No one I’ve asked in the family knows who the baby is. However, I’ve been told by a family member an intriguing story about the lady on the left.  They used to call this lady, aunty Jane, not sure if she’s their real aunt or it was just a title they called her growing up. Her story is that she was a fortune teller (read tea leaves) and she got married 3 times to rich men. I’d love to find out more about this women, so if anyone is researching or knows of someone researching the Harrison family in Queensland leave a comment.